Sunday, November 22, 2009

Worlds Biggest Library

Now Google is working with a big project for creating the Worlds Biggest Online Library. They offer services like publishing our books and can find the details of the writers, publishers including their addresses. More than 1000 writers from England have signed an agreement and have utilized the Google books and from other websites books and have got profit of 35 Sterling Pounds.

At present Google is scanning the books that are published in the year 2002 almost more than billions of books have already been scanned and 70 million of books have been ready for printing. Google has signed an agreement with countries like Australia, Canada, America and Russia. The books are going to be published in English and other regional languages. Already users purchase many books from the online so it is going to be a great gift for them. Because of the Big Library more than 20,000 writers of Russia will be benefited. The Price details and the author details of these books will be made easy to know for the users and also will be provided with a downloading option. According to Writers union of England this service might took time to launch but it will be huge benefit for the users along with the writers.