Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Experience the New world of Space

We People of Earth are living a happy and ecstatic life. However, beyond our reach there are lots of mysterious happenings taking place in the space. Besides, our solar system that is present in the “Milky Way” galaxy, there are a big number of solar systems which are situated a long away from our sight.

Many of us acknowledge only sun and the planets which are surrounding them alone are in space, but the truth is we have some other to companies such as space particles which are called by the names of Asteroids, Meteors, Meteorites, and Comets. These particles are unfamiliar to many of us, though we look some of them with our naked eyes. On many occasions many of us might have witnessed Meteors in the sky, which are simply a meteorite which was burnt by our earth’s atmosphere. We should be a good absorber to find every single affair that happens in the sky, in order to learn about these kinds of space particles that actually exist. All of them are seeing the “Moon” From our childhood , but, how many of us have failed to notice the dark shadows or the dark regions which present in the moon and failed to ask or study why is it present on the moon. Those shades are made by the meteors and comets by hitting the surface of the moon with great velocity. If we all start to enjoy these things and try to learn all the new affairs which took place around us, our way of life will be more delighted and entertained.