Friday, October 30, 2009

Google's Search Features

Always you have another choice after you enter your search query or the word, instead of clicking the Google Search button you can click the I’m Feeling Lucky button, by doing this you are directed to the Web page that ranked at the top of your search results, so it avoids extra clicking.

While searching there is no need to have good spelling since Google has built-in automatic spelling correction. If you unknowingly misspell a word to search, Google recognizes what you intended to type and offers the correct spelling for you. So all you have to do is just search as fast as you can. Google will correct all your spelling mistakes.

While searching don’t use the Shift key because the Google search engine isn’t case
sensitive. So it doesn’t matter how you capitalize the words in your search string or the query for example "blue pen" or "Blue Pen" both fetches you the same results.

If you are unaware of different forms of a word that you want to search
you can use the tilde (~) operator to search for synonyms of a specific word.
All you need to do is enter the tilde before the keyword, like this: ~keyword.
For example, to search for words that are like the word “older,” enter the
query as ~older. This will find pages that include not just the word “elderly,” but
also the words “elderly,” “older,” and so on.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google the Best Search Engine

Like other search engines, Google also assembles the pages in the web to its search
index by using their own “searchbot” or a crawler computer software that can be used to scour the Web. The pages found are automatically added to Google’s never ending as well as expanding database; when ever a person perform a search using Google, they are actually searching this database of Web pages that the Google has, not the Web itself.

The results of your Google searches are ranked or ordered according to Google’s branded Page Rank technology or mechanism. This technology mainly checks for how many other pages link to a particular page; from this it’s clear that the more links to a page, the higher that page ranks. In addition tot his, Page Rank assigns a higher weight to links that come from higher-ranked pages. So if a particular page is linked to from a number of high-ranked
Pages, that page will automatically achieve a higher ranking.

The theory is that if a page is more popular then automatically the page value wills also increased. This may sound like a popularity competition eventually it is like that; it’s amazing how frequent this approach provides high-quality results.
The amount of Web pages indexed by Google is among the largest of all searches
engines, which means you get a fairly good chance of actually finding
What you were looking for. The Google search engine is relatively smart; since it also analyzes the keywords in your query or the search string and recognizes the type of search result you’re looking for.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Perfect Gift

It is incredible! Even some years ago it was deceptive and marvelous. Nevertheless, today everyone is able to send his or her Figures or logotypes into space. For some people it is a great opportunity to accomplish childhood dreams about space trip. For others it is just an entertainment and experiment: it is very entertaining to find out what this undertaking will result in. For somebody it is a mere advertisement, though an different one.

It is well known that those who are rich can only afford to travel into space. But numerous peoples of our planet are interested in space tourism. By sending Images or logos into space people can implement his or her dream of space investigation. When a number of pictures are collected, all of them will make a catalog which will consist of several 100 of figures. Images and logos will be sent into space with a specially organized space excursion.

Just imagine – it will be an different gift idea for your friends and relatives. Though not exceedingly costly, your present will be exclusive and unforgettable. You will be excited to know that, your choice of such a gift in this kind of manner will be precious even for those people who have everything.. If it is given to children they are sure to be extremely fulfilled with it. Grownups are supposed to be delighted by this kind of raised attention as well. And do not forget about yourself! You can send your own Images into space and be proud of your pictures being shown beyond the Earth. If you are creative and eccentric and have a good taste you will feel the rewards of this gift and try the proposed experiment.

Think about this wonderful idea! Christmas and New Year are coming. You are provided with a greatest opportunity to dedicate your present to anyone you wish. You can make yourself or your neighbours happy. Send your own figures or pictures of your relatives and friends into space. Show that you love them and you have intrest for them in an exceptional way!