Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Every person in the world always wants to live a happy and healthy life, in order to make that happen every person must keep their surroundings and their body clean. If we wish to have our environment clean and good then every individual person must keep their home and their living place clean and tidy. Always one should use the dust bins in order to put the garbage and junk items and also they have to make it a habit for themselves, and should avoid throwing things carelessly in the lane or the path we walk and the same others use. Almost all of us have the bad habit of consuming roadside candies, and we casually throw the candy wrappers the moment we unfold them. Especially in the places like the like bus stands, railway stations in those areas we can see them a lot and they make them to be in worst condition, packed with waste stuffs. Because of these kinds of waste materials and junk items people might get health problems and get infections. To avoid these every person should make their mind to treat all the places and their surroundings like their home, to keep them neat and tidy.