Sunday, November 22, 2009

Emailing Culture is going to die

Now a day every one wants the things to be done faster and also easier. People do expect innovative things in their normal process of work. Till few years back Emailing was a good hit among the youngsters and they often used that service from major service providers like Google and Yahoo but after the concept of Instant Messaging people start to leave the Emailing System and they started to hate it since they daily encounter un wanted spam mails and viewing the same page with same style with out any new things.

According to a latest research conducted by Prof David with in 10 Years the concept may die because of the instant messaging and Social Networking sites that offer attractive themes and Instant messaging concepts and which allows the things that have to communicate in small form and also to a lot of people immediately. Almost 51 % of users are started hating Email and they are avoiding using those and started to use Services like Twitter, FaceBook since these are easier and faster to interact with their friends. Among the Youngsters of age group 15 to 24 almost 86% of people quit using Email services but at the same time 98% of people of the age group 45 to 64 use Email services daily.