Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google the Best Search Engine

Like other search engines, Google also assembles the pages in the web to its search
index by using their own “searchbot” or a crawler computer software that can be used to scour the Web. The pages found are automatically added to Google’s never ending as well as expanding database; when ever a person perform a search using Google, they are actually searching this database of Web pages that the Google has, not the Web itself.

The results of your Google searches are ranked or ordered according to Google’s branded Page Rank technology or mechanism. This technology mainly checks for how many other pages link to a particular page; from this it’s clear that the more links to a page, the higher that page ranks. In addition tot his, Page Rank assigns a higher weight to links that come from higher-ranked pages. So if a particular page is linked to from a number of high-ranked
Pages, that page will automatically achieve a higher ranking.

The theory is that if a page is more popular then automatically the page value wills also increased. This may sound like a popularity competition eventually it is like that; it’s amazing how frequent this approach provides high-quality results.
The amount of Web pages indexed by Google is among the largest of all searches
engines, which means you get a fairly good chance of actually finding
What you were looking for. The Google search engine is relatively smart; since it also analyzes the keywords in your query or the search string and recognizes the type of search result you’re looking for.